At our core, 4th & 1 seeks to propel members from underrepresented groups through high school and into college.

  • A 2010 study by the Department of Education found that 50 percent of the college population is made up of first generation students, or those whose parents did not receive education beyond a high school diploma.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics released numbers in 2010 that analyzed the educational levels of parents of current college attendees. Minority groups made up the largest demographics of students with parents that had a high school education or less, with 48.5 percent of Latino and Hispanic students and 45 percent of Black or African-American students.
  • Barriers in high school lead to a glass ceiling for higher education. According to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), black males ages 18 and older make up just 5.5% of all college students. Of the young black males who do make it to college, only one in six will receive a college degree.
  • PBS reports only 54% of African Americans graduate from high school, compared to more than 75% of their Caucasian and Asian American peers.
  • Many young African Americans live in deep poverty, which can cripple their chances of education and, ultimately, upward mobility. According to a 2010 Census survey, the poverty rate for black children is the highest rate of any race group—38.2% live below the US average.