Although our camps last for one week, our mentoring relationships last a lifetime. Read these first-hand accounts of how 4th and 1 is changing lives:

“This camp is a very special place.  The 4th and 1 camp is where I got confidence in my studies.  This camp is more than just a camp. It is a group of people dedicated to giving you that push that is needed to progress to the next level in life.”

– T.J. R.


“The 4th and 1 camp has been a major benefit to me.  It helped me develop stronger social skills that are required of me in more professional environments. I have used these skills in job interviews and at college fairs and visits so far, even receiving compliments on how I handle myself with adults. 4th and 1 also taught me the importance of maturity and accountability, showing me that I have to work to achieve the results that will improve my future opportunities.”

– Jaylen A.


“Attending the camp last year opened my eyes to make me believe that I can achieve all of my goals. I only thought that I could go to college if I played football but I have learned that it takes more than football to make it to college.”

– Ty D.


“I have come a long way since I first went to 4th and 1 camp two summers ago.  My grades have come up greatly and I have changed for the better.  I see college in my future, and because of my mentors from 4th and 1 I believe in myself and my abilities.”

– Trey R.