July 8 (Sunday – Check In) – July 13 (Friday – Checkout)

In the summer of 2018, 4th & 1 will enter its ninth year of helping high school student-athletes achieve their true leadership, academic, and athletic potential.
Are you ready to begin the journey? Applying to our camp is the first step.

To be eligible, you must be a rising high school sophomore, junior or senior with a desire to be challenged, become a leader, and achieve excellence in your future profession.

Our student-athletes are members of underrepresented groups. For example: first-generation college hopefuls, members of ethnic or racial minority groups, from economically-disadvantaged households, or from single-parent homes.

(Note: If accepted to the camp, applicants will be required to submit a doctor’s physical and sign a camp waiver).

Grade in fall of 2018?:

 9th 10th 11th 12th

Who do you live with?:

 Mother Father Both Mother and Father Guardian Other

Check all that apply:

 African-American Latino Asian Caucasian Native-American Bi-Racial First-Generation College Hopeful Single-Parent Household Low-Income Household Child of Immigrant Parents

How did you hear about 4th & 1? Check all that apply:

 Coach Colleague/Friend Counselor Social Media Web Search

What size t-shirt do you wear :

 Small Medium Large XL XXL XXXL

What size shorts do you wear :

 Small Medium Large XL XXL XXXL

Preferred Offensive Position :


Preferred Defensive Position :


Did you attend 4th & 1 in 2017 ?

 Yes No

Will you take the SAT/ACT in the fall of 2018?

 Yes No

Have you taken the PSAT?

Have you taken the SAT?

Have you taken the ACT?

Are you on Facebook?

Are you on Twitter?

Are you on Instagram?

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